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SEO Program: Mission Critical for Your Websites Success

Using SEO To Promote Your Website

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Do I Really Need SEO or Search Engine Optimization?


The short answer is Yes!  How your website ranks on search engines like Google will have a profound effect on your marketing success.


Bottom, line more leads come from the internet now than any other sources.  A recent survey points out that the world average is between $75 and $275 per hour.  Typically, we find with our customers that between 4-6 hours a month can have a huge benefit to both traffic and sales.  Of course, all marketing is based on your particular industry and the competitive nature of the marketplace.



Why You Need Our SEO Program


So, you got a website?  Now what?  Regardless of all the other elements that your website has, if it doesn’t have traffic, it will fail.  You must drive traffic to your website.  Ultimately, to be successful, SEO and online marketing you must be actively involved in the management and oversight of your online market.  We give you the tools to do exactly this.



Reports for SEO


We give you real time access to your keywords via our customized SERPS reporting.  You can see how your keywords are performing “real time” via a computer or on a mobile app.  You’ll never be in doubt of whether your program is meeting its objectives of moving you higher in the rankings and getting you more sales!


What We Do:  The Elements of Successful Search Engine Optimization


Backlinks:  SEO Importance


backlink for SEO


Backlinks are links to your website from other websites.  The most effective website include “anchor text” so that the website not only links to your website but tells the search engine what your website is about.


Backlinks are still the no. 1 most important ranking signal that Google uses. But not just any backlinks. This study found that you need backlinks from a bunch of different domains.

SEO Ranking Backlinks



Image Credit: Backlinko


In other words, if you get 100 backlinks from the same domain, it’s not going to blast you to the top of Google. But if you get 100 backlinks from 100 different domains, you’re in business.  We help you determine and place your website backlinks on critical websites to help ensure maximum traffic.

One source that we target is authoritative media outlets through our partnerships.  Not only are these links highly-valued by Google, but they can bring in a boatload of traffic as well.



More bounces equal lower rankings

This study also found that bounces aren’t just bad for your bottom line: they can throw a monkey wrench into your SEO efforts.

Using data from SimilarWeb, the study found that sites with a high bounce rate tended to rank lower in Google than sites with a low bounce rate.

SEO by bounce rate



Image Credit: Backlinko


This data suggests bounce rates may cause lower rankings.


After all, if people bounce off of your site like a trampoline, it sends a pretty clear message to Google that people don’t like reading your content. So it makes sense that Google may downrank sites with lots of bounces.  How do you decrease your bounce rate, you ask? We ensure your website has compelling content to attract and keep your audience.  If you can hook them quickly, they’re significantly more likely to view another page.


Bottom line? Decreasing your bounce rate will increase your SEO rank.


Content:  Size Does Matter


People don’t actually read anymore!


How many times have you read that?


While well organized content is appreciated, the value of a well written article or post that fully covers a subject can not be underestimated.  The fact is that your audience will both read and appreciate well written content—so will the search engines.  Just look at the runaway success of waitbuywhy.com, which publishes posts that clock in at more than 10,000 words!  We will help you maximize your content to both optimize your search engine success and to engage your readers.


And the study points out that not only do people like reading long-form content, but it tends to rank better in Google:


Content Marketing for SEO



Image Credit: Backlinko


According to Dean’s data, the average first page results in Google boasts 1,890 words. Obviously, if you use long-form, you need to write well.  And, if you do deliver compelling content, not only will you see a benefit from search engines but also on your social media like Facebook and Twitter.


In fact, other studies (like this one by BuzzSumo) found that longer content tended to get more shares on social media:


Social Media for SEO




Image Credit: Backlinko



Not only do you want to have “enough” content but you want to focus on “topically relevant” content.  It basically means keeping your website and potential client on focus.  This is how to provide the maximum value for your reader.


And this study found the same thing. They discovered that content rated by software as “topically relevant” ranked above content with a low content score:


Content Topic Authority and SEO





Image Credit: Backlinko

So what does this mean, exactly?


It means that when you write about something, cover one topic in-depth.



We specialize in focused content.  We will help you identify the most impactful parts of story for marketing—and then, we will help you bring lazar like focus to it.



Site speed makes a difference


You’ve probably heard that Google prefers fast-loading websites. In fact, Google has emphasized that they use site speed as part of their algorithm.

According to this study, this appears to be the case:


Website Speed for SEO




Image Credit: Backlinko



We consistently focus on making your website load faster and optimize all factors with your SEO.  Our integrated websites and diagnostic tools like SERPs reports will allow us to help you adjust your website for internet marketing success.



For more about our SEO Programs, contact us today!

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