Website Design Process: Getting To Your Next Website

Website Design Process: Getting To Your Next Website


Thinking About Step By Step Website Development

REAL INTERNET SALES WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY COLUMBIA SCOur methodology provides a focused multidisciplinary approach to developing optimal solutions for our clients.  Our goal is to provide the expertise of a cross-functional team of specialists yielding a solution that not only guarantees the success of your project but also anticipates your future requirements in our site planning and design meetings.  We carefully explain each step of the web site design process to ensure your understanding of the website development process.

Doing business in the digital economy requires an “always on” connection to customers, partners, suppliers and employees.  The big challenge is reaching the right people, with the right service, at the right time.  Real Internet Sales specializes in helping our clients create the right solution to connect to the people who matter most.  Our marketing plans specifically identify the “decision makers.”  We take a close look at industry norm, pricing and marketing programs.  We do this to insure your marketing is both impactful and actionable.

For our clients, that means delivering marketing, strategy, design, information architecture and the technology that ties it all together.  It means, extending your brand to social media and expanding your reach.  It means understanding your business before we start the website design process or marketing plan.


Website Design Process:  Lets Get to Know Each Other First

Often potential clients contact us with a specific problem.  They want us to build a website, help them get their website on Google, or set up advertising on Facebook.  And, while we are glad to help with any aspect of your internet marketing, logo (corporate identity)website design or marketing research, our best service is making them all work together.  There is an incredibly power of synergy when we can help you manage all the elements of your marketing in “lock-step” to ensure your marketing success.

Our process begins with getting to know you.  We will carefully interview you, in person or by phone, Skype or other method to understand your actual needs.  Often we find clients are “asking” for one service; however, they actually have need for another solution.  By careful analysis of your current marketing plans and internet marketing program, we can make sure that your marketing actually matches your needs.  We can help you review your budget, return on investment, and give you the metrics to carefully evaluate how your program is performing.


Free Website Evaluation:  Free Is Good!  Knowledge Is Better!

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you probably know deep down you need to make serious changes to your website and online presence.  You are now confronted with the obvious question:  What’s next?  Yes, I know there are a myriad of free website builders, templates, and the like.  However, before you think about cost, do this first.  Get a real review of what your website and website marketing ought to look like and be about.  There’s no cost or obligation.  And, regardless which way you ultimately decide to go, the information you get here will help.

Let us move your internet marketing to the next level, contact us today for a free evaluation.  We will carefully review you current website and online marketing; and, we will effectively explore the website design process of making changes.  Whatever you decide, this website design free evaluation will have real value for you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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