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While designing a website, it’s easy to get carried away and design it so it’s logical to us, while forgetting about users’ expectations.  We in Real Internet Sales never lose sight of that fact.  Once we gather all the necessary information about your company, we immediately start to think about the average user that will visit your website.  He or she may know nothing about your company and what you do.  That’s very important, because it changes the whole perspective on key elements and structure of the website.

It’s often to see a website designed in a way it follows the inner organization of the company.  This can be a disaster from a user’s point of view.  Imagine an average user going to a website and having no clue where to find the info he came for.  The most probable scenario?  He leaves the website and goes to its competition.

We hope you realize the importance of meeting users’ expectations.  It’s not just about “the customer is always right”.  This website organizational method actually has a logical value.  Everything needs to be very intuitive so everyone could figure out where is the particular information easily.  For example, if you go to a bookstore website, you are probably there as a potential buyer who wants to browse through the offer.  It’s the same when someone who’s not from your industry comes to your website.  We will help you put relevant information on the places people expect it to be.

Real Internet Sales has the tools to research the target audience and we will create an intuitive website, very easy for figuring out.

In case you have any questions or just want to get a quote, you can contact us anytime.  It will be our pleasure to help you!


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