Content Marketing: Creating A Compelling Experience

Content Marketing = Focused Website Content

Dizital ICON 350X350 150x150 1The content you have on your website is the core reason people will visit.  Moreover, if you provide real value, they will keep returning to your website.  In addition, in a social media world, your users are likely to share your content so their friends can see it too.  Accordingly, spending resouces to develop great content is never wasted.



The most important thing to have in mind when creating textual content is the audience that will read it.  That means that you need to determine who your target audience is and to create (or have someone else develop) the content that the user will find the most useful.

So, for example, if your website’s target is finding new customers for your business, then you want to keep that in mind as you develop both the content and structural components (like the Information Architecture) of your website.  For example, if you’re looking for a Brain Surgeon, then you are much more likely to be interested in personal background/history like education, additional technical training and other more intimate aspects of their unique qualifications than if you’re comparing local sporting good stores.  In the case of the sporting goods store, issues like price, operating hours, and other factors are likely to be more relevant to a potential customer.  Bottom line, keep in mind that online marketing is still marketing.  The online customer should be expected to have the same questions and concerns that the “real” customer in your location has.  The key to an effective website and online presence is getting them to those answers as quickly and painlessly as possible.  This is the essence of content marketing.

Consider adding a blog that will consist of useful articles about your area of expertise. Keep an active and ongoing schedule of social media updates and post.  Providing relevant information will build your brand and promote loyalty among your clientele. Information is the key and those who are willing to share their knowledge benefit significantly in increased traffic and loyalty.  We can help you add this sort of value to your website!

If you agree with the premise of creating and implementing fabulous content, but just don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, don’t worry, we’re here for you!  Time is the most valuable asset any person has, so don’t waste it!  Contact us for the professional writing help that will set your site apart!


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