Information Architecture: The Structure of Your Website

Information Architecture Defined

First of all, what is actually information architecture (IA)?  Broadly defined, it represents a way of structuring and organizing a website so the pages are related to each other and the structure is logical and intuitive.  Good information architecture is required in order for all the information on the site to be consistently organized in an intuitive way with an average reader in mind, the one who may be hearing about your business for the first time.  Moreover, information architecture and other technical aspects of the website will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) which will, in turn, improve your traffic to the website.

Some of the most important steps of information architecture include:

  1. Making the Content Easily Accessible
  2. Good Page Organization
  3. Making the Website Visually Efficient
  4. Creating a Good Navigational Structure

When you have intuitively organized IA you can be sure your users will be more satisfied with it.  It will help your website run smoothly and prevent the users from being frustrated by the lack of functionality.  When effectively developed, a great website will not only help you attract users and customers, but they will stay longer, hence increasing the possibility to eventually buy from you or use your services.

Like most of the people, you probably like uncluttered websites with nothing more than the essential content – no unnecessary design elements, hundreds of different fonts and colors, you know what we’re talking about.  When you have a simple, well-crafted website free of clutter, it will run a lot faster, which will help you rank higher with your customers as well as search engines

The key for good information architecture is planning.  We at Real Internet Sales have developed a methodology that provides flawlessly planned website no matter what niche your business is in.  With our experience and creativity, you can be certain your website will be perfectly organized and your visitors will love it.

You can contact us anytime to discuss your needs and we will take time to understand your business and needs.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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