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Recent Work: Website Design, Programming and SEO

Website Design:  Form & Function For The Perfect Website


Web Design is a complex art.  It is both form and function.  It is important that your website design convey your message—both visually and contextually.  We have over a decade of experience ensuring that websites that we design do both.  We carefully consider your wants, needs and budget.  We explore important questions with you like:  1)  competition, 2)  product mix, 3)  keywords for customer searches, and many other key considerations for your internet success.



The Right Website Design Aids In SEO

Too often, we hear stories of unsuccessful tales of website development from new clients who are amazed at our process when they call asking about “web design.”  We take great pride in our consideration of the marketing aspects of the website.  We want to understand your business.  We want to understand your goals for the website.  We will ask questions that help you define key elements in your strategy; and then, we will set up metrics to help you measure whether you’re achieving your goals.  For instance, we will review your current position on search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo!  We will also review your social media position on key websites like Facebook, YELP and Twitter.


Web Design:  An Actor in the Play

Please review some of our recent designs below.  But remember, as important as website design is, it is only “part” of a total internet marketing package.  You can trust your website design and internet marketing to our expert team.  Contact us today to find out more!




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