If you can dream it, we can build it!  We are more than just a ‘design’ firm.  We have developers, content writers, marketers and programmers that can implement the functionality of your website.  From database applications to office solutions, we can make your dream of a profitable web application come true!   More importantly, we can integrate your website with Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter and insure it is found on the Search Engines, like Google and Bing!

After you initially meet with our sales and marketing team, we will fine-tune our proposal based on your specific marketing goals and focus.  Our sales team will have a firm understanding of your business and relay key marketing aspects to our Project Management team.  Next, you will meet with our project manager to come up with the basis for the look and feel of your new website and outline expectations.  You will find we are very friendly and easy to work with and we are always eager to hear your input on the project.

The look of a site is just as important as its functionality. That is why we at Real Internet Sales maximize our efforts in the design part of this project.

Once the initial design has been created from information gathered during the creative session we will ask you the review this design for questions/comments.

1st Concept Review – We will reveal our concept of your design and online marketing plans.

2nd Concept Review – If changes are necessary we will meet again with you to review and recommend changes to the design or other marketing needs.  When you are happy with the design of your new site and collateral development (logos, social media, etc…(depending on project development goals)), we now move into the information/data architecture development.

Data powers the modern business.  An attractive site will get a customer’s attention.  An informative site keeps them coming back.

We will discuss your navigation links and the content to be included on your site.  Once navigation is accepted and content is gathered we move into the production phase of your web project.

The pieces of the puzzle have been assembled, now we can put it together.

The designer takes the Concept Design and builds the graphics for the remaining pages in the website.  Then, the web application developers along with our database developers implement the site, which includes adding the text and placing the images in their proper location on the correct pages.  All important components, like Facebook, Twitter, and other media are added into the site at this time and are tested to assure they are operating properly.  The marketing and branding team oversees the process to ensure the key placements, client demographics, and marketing goals are consistent.

Testing is performed to ensure the proper operation of the site, which includes links verification, image verification, spelling, e-mail address verification, and etc.  
Site Presentation to your site is presented to you for review and revisions are made based on notes taken during the site presentation to the customer.

Your project is not done until it has been examined thoroughly for mistakes.  In this stage, we pick your site apart and make sure it is operational and correct.

A training session is scheduled with the client to go over the basics of using their site’s system (if necessary).  We also train and assist on valuable marketing “third party” software, such as Zopim and Google Analytics.  A manual is also delivered at this point.

We will walk you through your new website and answer any questions and comments about the product. Keep in mind we will always be glad to answer any questions/concerns in the future as well.

 With your website up and working, now the real “heavy lifting” begins.  We will focus on your search engine marketing to ensure your website is found on Google, BING, and Yahoo!  In addition, we will build your social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, and YELP to empower your brand and your sales!

Your site may be published, but the work is not over.  We will continue to keep your site updated with the latest information and content and any changes you request.

If you have any questions about the website design process or any other internet marketing questions, please feel free to contact us.