How to Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

While the costs are not very high to position a business on the Internet, you have to have a digital marketing strategy.

Capturing the attention of a user in social networks and maintaining a link that ensures online sales is not an easy task for a business. Like traditional media, thousands of companies invest different sums of money to get a click on their social networks and searches.

The main thing is not the amount of investment, but to be very clear about the numerical results that your business wants to reach and to segment the public you want to reach to allocate all your efforts – and your investment – efficiently.

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To appear in the first places of searches of organic form, the best bet in terms of costs is to work in the strategy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the business.

In addition, you must work on the structure of the business website; in the labels -which should not be too many-, in the content and in the domain and page authority. If someone writes the name of your website and you have worked well with the above, you will appear as the first option. Also, if someone writes related words and you have used them of “keywords” the same thing will happen and that will not cost you a dollar.

But how to achieve this? You must verify the web infrastructure, check the browser parameters (Mozilla, Yahoo !, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) in which you want to have better positioning as well as avoid bad practices – penalized by Google.

Another parallel strategy will be to build links through other pages or users that use the link of your web page, such as blogs. That positions your page better. Google says that if many people talk about you, you must be good and you must give what you offer, then we will position you better than the rest.



In the case of social networks, businesses must first know in which networks their target audience has greater interaction to create their official profile and participate in the conversation.

After this evaluation, the contents of interest must be designed to generate links with the users. The content is important. You have to make profiles of your consumers and see what they are looking for to balance your content, which should be 60% for photos, tips, tips and topics of interest and 40% oriented towards the sale.

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