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    SEO For Contractors:  A Website Development Strategy that Works


    Website:  Mays Contracting & Roofing


    Mays Contracting knows a thing or two about the Roofing and Contracting business.  They’ve been at it over 30 years.  And, over that time they’ve garnered praise from their vendors, clients and associations like the Better Business Bureau.  Simply put, Mays knows contracting.   What they needed help with was how to generate Search Engine placement on Google in multiple markets that they serviced.


    This strategy involved Mays becoming “local” to multiple markets in order to gain market share.  Their primary markets are Newberry SC and Columbia SC; and, as they say, the results speak for themselves:



    NEWBERRY SC RESULTS                                                                                      COLUMBIA SC RESULTS

    SEO for Contractors on Google SEO for Contracting Companies on Google



    If you’re a Contracting Company actively engaged in expanding your market territory, you understand the importance of being able to broaden your service area.  We can use the power of Google My Business and content marketing to help you take advantage of marketing on the internet.


    Keyword Research:  Helping Google Find You So That Your Customers Can Too


    One important aspect of what we do is help you “translate” your business into “client speak.”  We all understand that trade or technical terminology isnt what the customer often searches for.  We can use our unique menu of search engine tools to compare the number of searches and the value of those searches so that the website ranks in those places where clients are actively searching.  Moreover, we can provide you with real time tools that you can see exactly how we are doing on the Google rankings (even on your mobile device).



    Lets Get Started:  Whether You’ve Got A Great Site or Need One, YOU NEED SEO


    Regardless whether you love or hate your website, you need SEO.  Ultimately, regardless of how your website looks or functions, a large measure of its success will be based on how many people see it.  Make sense?  And, a large measure of how many people see it will be directly based on how it ranks on Google.  Did you know that according to a recent study that 88% of all searches STOP on the first page?  What does this mean?  You had better be very good at identifying “what” terms clients are going to use to find you, and you had better strive to be on the first page.  And, while no search engine optimization can guarantee 1st page results, there is definitely a set of best practices to follow to have the best shot at it.

    Lets see if we can help you!


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