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    When you’re a top agent of the year with a major firm that is a great accomplishment.  When you’ve been the top agent team for over 35 years, you acquire legend status.  Kit and Jonny Oswald, the Lake Murray Specialist, have done exactly that.  And, for as long as internet marketing has been practical in the real estate business, we’ve been their website developer.  Let me say that again, almost 20 years now, we have provided the top agent team with their website.  Before there was a Facebook.  Even before there was a Google.  We were providing their website and internet marketing.  And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.  For over 35 years (last 20 using our website design, social media marketing, and advertising), this team has dominated one of the hottest property areas in the US, Lake Murray in South Carolina.


    So, how do we ensure a top preforming real estate agent website for this top Realtor team?  First, you start with the technology.  Our website design integrated with award winning MLS IDX RETS technology for real estate listings.  We understand that there are a great many IDX Providers for website; however, there is no other MLS listings provider that allows for individual customization of you website feed.  If its important to you, your clients or your marketing (and the MLS provides the field), we can make it a part of your customized website search.  Its powerful!  It allows you to “customize” your potential clients experience on your realtor website.  No other company, IDX plugin, etc…offers the level of customization that we do on every top Realtor website design and development.


    Next, we ingrate your website with powerful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YELP and Google Plus.  We make sure that your clients and potential clients are seeing you and your website at every possible opportunity.  We feed your listings automatically to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  We give your listings maximum distribution through YOUR CHANNELS so that when you receive a lead back that you don’t receive a referral charge/fee with it.


    Most importantly, we develop your brand.  If you’re a top real estate agent or on your way to becoming one, you know you need a brand.  YOU need a brand.  Kit and Johny have been parts of several firm (which have come and gone); however, their brand (The Lake Murray Specialist) continues to stand the test of time.  Branding is a key element of your online marketing (Google actually gives preferences in search to what it identifies as a brand).  Don’t trust your brand development which plays such a key part of your online marketing to just anyone.  If they can develop a website, but not a brand, you will not be competitive.  Trust our marketing professionals to do both.  We understand both the internet and marketing!



    Realtor Website Design for Your Business, Lets Get Started


    Real Estate is an incredibly competitive industry.  Make sure you have the tools that will allow you to achieve.  We can help you build a brand and incredible online presence for your real estate business.  Contact us today for a free review of your current website and for a proposal on how we can move your business to the next level.

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