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    Friends of the Hunley is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the H.L. Hunley complete her historic journey. The goals of the charity are to solve the mystery of the submarine’s disappearance, conserve one of the greatest, most sought-after artifacts in the history of naval warfare and have it on permament public display so others can learn from her history of technological advancement.


    From an operational standpoint, the Friends of the Hunley needed effective and efficient online help to ensure both their membership and their guest would benefit.  We built a customized database to serve patrons with all their needs and to keep track of contributions, store discounts and other membership benefits.  We also integrated a wonderful e-commerce solution that allows for greater interactivity for customers shopping online and great back office control for their organization.



    Digital Marketing for Nonprofits, Creating the Buzz and Managing the Flow


    When you’re a world class historical and research site.  You generate a great deal of buzz!  The Hunley gets all sort of attention from national and international news organizations like the History Channel, Fox News, National Geographic, and CNN to name a few.  We ensure that their website can not only handle the income traffic, but capitalize on it!


    We are a true technology partner working with other vendors and service providers.  We ensure everything goes smoothly from an internet and data standpoint.  Whether its the webcams, e-commerce  or advertising their annual oyster roast, the Friends of the Hunley know that will provide the technical assistance needed to keep everything running smoothly.


    If your nonprofit organization is looking for a true technology partner, we can help.  We can provide turnkey solutions for your internet needs or provide specific services.  We understand the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.  And, we would love to put our unique skills to work for you!


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