Make Google LOVE Your Website For Valentines Day!

We thought that we would get you a Valentine’s Day Card.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to get your website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.


The Obvious Things Are Obvious:  Content Hints for Better SEO


First, your website needs to be presentable.  In today’s world, that means your site needs excellent and compelling content.  It needs to be error free with no spelling or grammatical issues.  It needs to have a clean and organized appearance.


Secondly, make sure your website is technically sufficient.  You should have well-organized navigation.  In fact, the navigation itself ought to function as a table of contents for a well-written book taking your user through logical and incremental steps to complete their journey.



More To Make Google Love You


To get the full LOVE LETTER, see GOOGLE’S SEO STARTER GUIDE.  And of course, if you would like a little matchmaker help, we would love to give you a FREE SEARCH REVIEW!






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