It happens every late December or early January.  We work with many top performers from many different business and industry groups.  And while their businesses or organizations differ, their methodology, for the most part, does not.  They have a clear set of goals each year for the things that they want to accomplish.  And whether they are a Realtor or Minister, they have specific end goals defined for the benchmarks that will signify moving closer to these goals being achieved over the year.  They have set “milestones” for their journey to success.


Digital Marketing Checklist for Your Goals


Digital MarketingIn Internet Marketing, we do the same.  We carefully craft not only the long-range goals of a marketing program — how many visits, sales, conversion rate, etc.  We craft the incremental steps that it will take to get there.  Moreover, we understand the most critical step in the process is the review and correction of the method to ensure that our clients are getting there.



Here’s a little internal checklist that we use.  Maybe it will be helpful to you as well:



  1.  SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  This is how your site is working for you on search engines like GOOGLE or BING!  Pretend that you’re the customer and go to Google and type in the word or phrases that you think someone would sort looking for your services.  Are you there?  Are your competitors there?  A recent study says that a little over 8 in 10 people now start any purchase with a trip to Google.  You better be there.  If you want a Free Search Review of how your site is doing, we will provide it for you!
  2. Website Design.  People used to spend hundreds of dollars on business cards (some still do I’m sure).  Today, often your businesses first point of contact with a new customer is not your business card but your website.  Does your website convey the proper image of your firm?  In your industry, who has a better site than you?  What can you do to move your business to that level?
  3. Social Media.  Today, social media is the closest thing to the old ‘town market’ or bazaar.  It is where ideas and products are tested and found adequate or deficient in real time.  Does your social media portray the sense of professionalism that you want?  Are you making updates consistently enough?  Do you have a social media plan for the future?



These are just a few items for consideration for your month end review!  As we move beyond January, roughly 8% of the year is GONE.  Are you 8%+ of your goal for 2018?  Tick-tock!



Get A Free Review Of Your Digital Marketing


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