Internet Marketing Services Columbia SCAt Real Internet Sales, we invest in relationships.  Over the years, we have found our business works best when we understand yours.  We have a unique skill set, great talent and powerful tools; but, one of our most important assets is that we have is communication.  We listen.  We analyze.  We give guidance.

Accordingly, while we offer complete “turn key” marketing solutions, we also offer our services on an a la carte basis understanding that you may have needs in a certain area on a more immediate basis.

Consulting Services

In over a decade of the internet business, we understand there is a frequent disconnect between vital interest and stakeholder of technology solutions. Sometimes management doesn’t understand the limitations of a technology solution.  Often the IT staff doesn’t understand the practical business needs of management or sales.  In cases like these, our consulting group is able to facilitate communication.  We are able to bring in resources on all sides of the problem in order to help you see all potential options and solutions.  We also have world-wide experts in all elements of programming and marketing—so, from outsourcing to obscure database programming, we can bring the resources that you need to the table.

Contractor Services

Maybe you have a project that you want to try in house or you have a freelancer in place to do work; but, you’re not completely satisfied with the speed or scope of the work.  We complete a significant number of jobs/projects each year for clients that started their project on Elance or Freelancer (or even on the recommendation of an IT “guy” they played golf with) only to find out that the project stalls or isn’t delivering the end goal.  We do significant business and maintain the highest customer service ratings on Elance and Freelancer for our unique ability to complete projects when others fail.   We can help you as well.  And whether you’re at the beginning of the project and need help with your SRS and milestone payments or the project has already fallen apart, we can help you get to the end goal and solution that you need.

Marketing Agency Services (White Label Marketing)

If you’re a website design or development company but need the help of an incredible data and programming company, we can help.  Often, we are hired by firms to program speciality databases or develop products like IDX or RETS feeds (products which the typical website design firm doesn’t have the particular expertise to handle).  If you have a need for a partner to help you on a project, you can depend on us for great service, excellent pricing, and unparalleled technology solutions.

Our firm is often engaged in the development of new products or markets.  We will gladly execute NDA or Noncompete Agreements where appropriate.  More importantly, you can trust our firm to limit all communications directly to you so that you maintain complete control over the client relationship.

Website Design/Development

Whether you have the exact image and architecture envisioned of what you want your website to be or whether your trying to give those ideas birth, we can help.  Our years of experience allow us to ask the crucial questions that will ensure your websites success.  We will help you define and clarify the strategy of the website; and then, we will help you execute a development plan and schedule that insures flawless management and oversight of the project.  We have systems that help you gather content or help us create it—all based on your needs.  It is a low stress system that yield high value results.

Internet Marketing Services Packages

There’s a mouthful.  Internet marketing today almost encompasses the entire marketing space.  With cross over digital ads in “old line” communication sources like newspaper to cutting edge apps on your digital phone, internet marketing covers the gambit of all your marketing needs.  Internet marketing has revolutionized not only “marketing” but every industry.  With online communication sources like Google Biz (Google Plus), YELP, Facebook, and others, your customer or potential customer can leave reviews that can drive or drive away your potential business.

We understand the incredible power of the internet marketing revolution.  We can help you harness it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In real estate, the tried and trusted advise is location, location, location.  Search Engine Optimization is your location, location, location.  Many websites have all the necessary ingredients for success; but, no one can find them.  Many businesses don’t understand that many of the “template” solutions for building websites look great; however, the “templated” sites have none or very little of the infrastructure that makes it possible for the search engines to it.

We specialize in SEO.  We understand the importance of it.  And whether you’re looking to rebuild your website, or if you got a website already, we can help you explore the best options to get search engine placement and make your site work.

Your Internet Services Package:  Custom Made, Designed & Executed

In short, we do it all — from idea to real deal.  And, we can help you and your firm succeed in the digital age.  We will give you straight talk and take the time to understand your objectives.  We are loyal and will seek the best solution for your particular needs.

Please contact us today so that we can explore how we might help you.