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Internet Marketing Lexington SC

Internet Marketing Lexington SC

Does you business need new customers?  Do you need to reach a particular demographic?  Do you need to “leverage” your salespeople’s time by qualifying and quantifying prospects?  Do you need to stretch your current marketing budget and promotions to reach even more prospective clients?  Do you see your competitors on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, internet marketing may be for you!  The internet is an incredibly cost efficient method to reach your current and potential clients.  Very few businesses today can afford to be without a powerful internet presence—remember the vast majority of clients go either to their computer or smart phone and “Google” to find everything from “Restaurants in Irmo” to “Oil Change Discounts Columbia SC area.”  If your business has not already been impacted by this fact, it is likely it will be.

So, how do you benefit from the internet?

While there is no “one size fits all” for websites or internet marketing, there are certain fundamentals you should be aware of and insure your business marketing is up to speed with:

Your Website.  First, remember your website is likely to be “THE” impression that the “MAJORITY” of potential clients will have about your business.  More people will see your business on the internet than will ever set foot in your business.  Accordingly, you need to take the following steps at an absolute minimum:

  • Make Sure Your Site Is Current.  In my many years of doing internet marketing, you would not believe the number of times I have driven to a meeting at the wrong address or called a “wrong number” because that was the information on the company’s website.  Please check your basic information or your website will not work!
  • You Have What Your Client Is Looking For.  In other words, make sure you are actually presenting information about your product—not just “biographical” information about you or your firm.  Most searches on the internet begin with a specific search (homes for sale
  • Make Sure You are Leveraging All Other Marketing.  If you spend money on coupons, tv or radio ads, make sure they also appear on the website!  This will give your ads additional leverage and a longer shelve life.
  • Search Engine Optimization.  Go to Google, Bing and Yahoo and type in what you think an idea “prospective client” would be looking for.  For example, if your a Realtor and you sell property on Lake Murray, then an ideal “prospective client” for you might type in “Realtors Lake Murray Homes.”  Under your ideal search terms, does your site come up?  If not, realize this is the very method that most of your potential internet customers will use to find you—so, if you don’t come up, you have a very real problem that will have to be corrected.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) Integration with Your Website.  Make absolutely sure you have a presence on social media and make sure it is consistent with all your other marketing and branding.  Someone that goes from your website to Facebook (or vice-versa) should easily be able to identify they are still on the same firms marketing —logo, colors, etc…should all be the same!

These are just a few ideas—and there are many, many other; but, suffice it to say, internet marketing is here (and, more than likely, here to stay).  So, spend some time and money on your internet presence—it can pay huge dividends in the future!

Remember, if you need help with Internet Marketing Lexington SC, we can bring you new customers and new opportunities …contact us for a free review!


Internet Marketing Lexington SC

Todd Hunnicutis the Vice President of Marketing & Branding for Real Internet Sales and a renowned internet marketing expert. Todd is a born entrepreneur and “speaks business.”  If you have an idea for a product or sales method, he can find a way to market it.   For more information on any information presented here or any question on Marketing, you can contact him at todd@realinternetsales.com or at (803) 708-5514 ext. #1.

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