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    Website Development Independent Real Estate Agency


    Website:  McDanielSC.com


    If you’re an independent real estate agency, you may already feel like you’re at a competitive disadvantage with National firms on the internet.  Good news! You’re not!  In fact, with the power of the internet, search engines and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, you can beat the “big guys.”  In fact, you can dominate your local market.  We have small firms doing right now, and we can help you too!   And, here’s an incredible bonus!  By working with our team, you can leverage our incredible expertise as your own ‘in house’ tech staff.


    When one of the oldest and most respected Real Estate and Property Management agencies in South Carolina needed an internet marketing company, they called us.  They needed the power of a software firm to develop a customized system for their property management business and they needed a marketing agency that could keep a small independent firm going head to head with the national franchises.  With our firm, they got both!


    Our breath of experience with Real Estate and Property Management meant that the people of McDaniel Real Estate could trust our advise and not worry about whether our suggestions would work.  McDaniel knew that they could hand over the task to us and that we could handle it without any ‘handholding.’  Moreover, we worked directly with the MLS.  We talked directly with the technical staff at the MLS.  And, we carefully matched all the clients wishes with the programing capabilities of the MLS data.


    So, if you’re an independent Real Estate Agency looking for a true partner for your website development needs, contact us.  We will take the time to understand your unique needs and your client targets.  We will set up goals and marketing benchmarks so you’ll know your marketing is working!

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