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Facebook for Realtors – Custom Facebook Listings

Facebook For Realtors that Sells Your Listings

    Facebook for Realtors


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    We’ve had a lot of experience with Facebook for Realtors, but then again, we’ve had a great deal of experience with all forms of advertising on social media for Realtors.


    To have a highly effective social media presence today, you must have a highly integrated website and social media platform.  Our websites integrate with your social media to ensure that your product or service is highly accessible from both your website and social media pages.  Our advanced programming allows many benefits such as auto updates, keyword tagging and search engine enhancement.  Regardless of your industry, we can help put you on top by ensuring an ongoing distribution to all your social media channels.



    Social Media Case Study:  Facebook For Realtors


    If you’re a Realtor, you know know THE most mission critical part of your job is getting your listings found!  We specialize in doing that for our clients.  Our websites and proprietary software move listings from the MLS to the website then out to all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and GooglePLUS smoothly and seamlessly.  Simply put, it helps you find potential buyers faster since you’re casting a wide net.  And, you can show your sellers how their listings are being distributed across all channels almost instantaneously to cultivate the highest price in the fastest time.

    In addition to the broadcasting of the listings to Facebook and other social media, our listings structure and post allows for the greatest search engine benefit.  For example, each listing is posted with key information that a potential buyer is likely to use in their search—information like address, area or name of agent.  Our system automatically feeds that information into the social media channels creating a larger footprint for your firm with Google and other search engines.  The result is higher traffic and better sells results.


    Regardless of Your Business, We Make Facebook Work For You


    Whether you’re a Realtor, a Lawyer or a Restauranteur, the principles are the same.  We customize your website and social media interactivity to guarantee the maximum benefit on both social media and search engines.  Contact us today to see how we can benefit your business!

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