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Property Management Website Development


    Property Management Website Development


    If you’re in the Property Management business today, you know the key is efficiency.  Property Management has always been a competitive business.  But today, customers and owners demand even more.  When ColumbiaSCRentals.com, a national RE/Max franchise, wanted to focus on a simple, yet effective Property Management website, they called Real Intenet Sales.  Here’s why.


    The Disconnect in Property Management Website Development


    Most web designers are either programmers or graphic designers.  Programmers focus on adding lots of software, while designers focus simply on making a site pretty. Our focus, first and foremost is on marketing.  At Real Internet Sales, our focus is lead by people with sales and marketing experience.  We’ve been in the trenches both at the entrepreneurial level and Fortune 500 level; and, we understand what it takes to get the sell.


    Most web design firms build an empty shell and then ask you to provide the content . We find most property managers are busy and not effective at writing copy for the purpose of internet marketing, SEO or keyword density.  Stunning websites without effective content, are not a good use of your marketing budget.  We are experts at copy and will move your online marketing to the next level.


    Our sites are responsive, which means they work on any size screen, including iPhones and tablets, without an annoying “mobile-version”.  Our competitors claim to have responsive sites.  Test them by grabbing the edge of your browser and see if the page adapts as you shrink it smaller and smaller.  Also, many other companies don’t do the programming for the listings—thats a 3rd party which may not work on a responsive basis with the rest of the website.  Our sites will because we build the entire site (no 3rd parties).


    Most website designers don’t understand the unique needs of marketing, especially of marketing a Property Management Company.  We make sure to get to know your business, your target groups, and your competitors.  We work with the best property management firms in the nation, which gives us unique insights.


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