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Real Estate Agent internet Marketing

When one of the Southeast’s fastest growing and innovative real estate companies wanted to take its internet marketing to the next level, it called Real Internet Sales for its BrokerLead marketing program.  JBolos needed custom IDX programming that covered two (2) separate and distinct MLSs—Trident (Charleston SC MLS) and CMLS (Columbia SC MLS).  We said “no problem”!  JBolos also wanted a “buy in” from its agents since they know that the agency depends on the success of its agencies.  Their approach was to use the BrokerLead independent agent websites and tie them into the agency website; so while the website is coordinated in its aesthetics and functionality, each agent has their own unique website presence that they can market and control!  Each agent can change their page information, their marketing content, and market their own unique URL/domain name to their clients—the best of all possible worlds!  In addition, to increase the power of this system, each agent has their own lead management system integrated directly into their agent website.  Powerful!

Real Estate Agent Website Design

First of all, if you’re a real estate agent, website means LISTINGS!  You’re website must have accurate and easy to use listings.  We are an integrated programming firm which means we actually “build” the output on the website.  We can customize your output to work best for your unique marketing and your unique website.

In addition, we can structure your website and marketing to work best for your needs.  Unlike ‘one size fits all’ template companies, we will structure and develop your website to enhance your operations.  If you need independent agent websites, we can build that.  If you want to form partnerships and co-ops with partners like mortgage companies, movers, etc…and share in leads and lead generation, we can develop the website according to your marketing plans.  And, with our years of experience, we can probably even give you some additional insights!

Search Engine And Google Mapping


Once we built the website, we went to work on the Google Places/Mapping for JBolos.  The first issue was getting control of their Google listing.  Many businesses don’t realize the importance of getting their Google Places for Business Listing in hand.  Keep in mind—this is how the majority of people using mobile devices will find you.  On a mobile search, the map is shown prior to the search engine results.  Ensuring that your listing is categorized correctly, information is correct, operating hours, etc…is key to your businesses success.  In the case of JBolos, as a result of rapid growth, inadequate and inaccurate information existed; and, it was costing them leads.  We immediately moved to manage and correct this.  In addition, we built a content rich website with all proper information and keyword registrations so that first page Google results for their marketing focus terms are the norm!  Now there leads can easily find the Southeast’s Premier Realtor!


Today’s social media marketing is a must.  Effectively creating and managing social media is simply part of the cost of doing business.  For the real estate and visually oriented businesses, it’s even more important!

500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook

Not to mention, people, etc…love to “share” links with their friends to see their potential new home or their home that they have listed for sale.  Accordingly, you open up an entire stream of tangent advertising and a crowd of new prospects.  It’s simple. It works!  We will work out a plan for you and then execute it so you can focus on your operations.

FINAL THOUGHTS ON Real Estate Agent Internet Marketing

So, there’s a very brief overview of the JBolos.com project.  Our work here is ongoing and our goals are changing all the time—with one constant, to get better everyday!  The important thing is the dialog and the commitment is ongoing.

The process starts with a simple contact—provide us with a little info.  Start the dialog.  We will look at your current situation—marketing, social media, competition, etc….  And, for that, we will present you with an plan and several options.  This isn’t a hard sell!  We will present you with several pricing points and target for you exactly where your budget can have the most impact.

So, what are you waiting for…you should be building your clientele!  Contact Us now to build your business!





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