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    SEO for Realtors:  Location, Location, Location!



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    How Important are Google Search Engine Rankings for Realtors?

    If you’re a Realtor, especially in a competitive market, you understand the value of appearing on the first page of Google.  Few things are as important as your search engine rankings on Google for Realtors.  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)/Google Survey, over 90% of potential home buyers will use the internet for their next home search.  And, according to a recent online marketing survey by Chikta, over 30% of all traffic goes to the #1 result on Google under a given search term result.  Furthermore, the first page (thats positions 1-10) get over 90% of all Google traffic.


    Did you get that?  To summarize, over 90% of home buyers use the internet.  AND, over 90% of all search traffic STOPS after the first page.  So, you tell me how important (whats the value) of being on page 1 for your business?


    Google Search Engine Ranking for Realtors


    Enter a small high end boutique real estate firm in metropolitan Columbia SC, Bolin Ligon Walker.  BLW is a roughly 20 member firm in a metro market of roughly 500,000 with over 3,000 local real estate agents.  All 3,000 of those agents want to be Google page 1.  But, if you Google, Columbia SC Realtors, you will see them, page 1.  You will see them ahead of national brands and websites like ERA or Trulia.



    SEO for Realtors:  Power of the Brand


    We build websites that builds your brand.  Thats not hyperbole; thats fact.  And, to do that, we have to ensure that your website integrates with all the other marketing channels in the marketing venue—websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


    In real estate, this means integrating every piece of programming to ensure that we leverage all the information available to market your firm.  For example, with BLW, we make sure that their listings go automatically from their website to all social media outlets (properly tagged and indexed with the search engines).  This is only one piece of their marketing plan; yet, it is critical to have the programming expertise and team members that can do this.  We at Real Internet Sales can ensure your firm is leveraging all the data that you have to create your brand.


    We take time to understand your business model, competition and client demographic.  Then we will absolutely harness the power of the internet to create and incredible web presence for your firm!


    Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out how we can assist you in building a brand and dominating search engine results and traffic!

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