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    Real Estate Website Design, Branding Your Real Estate Business


    Website:  TheDowningTeam.com


    When one of the top agents and real estate teams on Zillow wants their own website, who do they get to build it?  Ok, thats a trick question.  You know the answer.  We built the Downing Team a great real estate website.  We needed to ensure great style and design; but, it was also critical that the website have a great listings presentation and customized search capabilities.  Obviously, you don’t get to be #1 in any market place without blazing your own trail or setting your own standards.  Brent Downing and his team live by this credo!


    When we designed the real estate website for their unique team, they wanted to ensure that it would be robust and full of information.  They also wanted to be confident that users could navigate the website very easily and get to the key areas that they wanted to visit.  We worked carefully with the team to flesh out all mission critical areas of the website development.  In addition, our design and development team worked to carefully craft a user experience that met the expectation of the Downing team.  We integrated useful 3rd party software.  And, we created a custom MLS listings display to work seamlessly with their website design.


    Our listings integration with the MLS is an incredibly powerful asset for the website.  Our MLS Listings IDX RETS Platform allows us to use every listing in the MLS as a powerful tool in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program.  Unlike many listings plugins or frame ins, our listings allow each listings page to be fully indexed on our websites.  This means that the value of the page and the corresponding data is directly attributable back to the website.  Accordingly, our websites are maximized for search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo!


    Real Estate Website Design, Ready to Compete?

    If you’re a real estate professional, you already know the competitive nature of the business.  If you need any additional proof of this, check a recent study by NAR and Google.  As you can see basically 90% of all leads in the Real Estate business come via the internet.  Your website design and your listings data must be flawless.    We can ensure your website and internet marketing meets and exceeds your expectations.  We can help you develop and extend your brand and marketshare.

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