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    Property Management Websites

    Property Management Websites


    Website:  WolfeandTaylor.com


    When one of South Carolina’s oldest property management firms needed a website, they contacted us.  They needed a unique blend of technology that would allow them to both input rental listings and track information from their legacy records and a website that would integrate with the Columbia MLS (CMLS).  With our unique websites and BrokerLEAD integration to provide the structure for seamless listings and listings searches, we were able to do exactly that!


    We were able to provide Wolfe & Taylor with “the best of both worlds.”  We provided an “in house” data base for their rentals.  The BrokerLEAD system allows them to input property, set forward dates for rental properties moving on and off the market, update records and inform owners.  The system is extremely easy to manage and feature rich.  And, because the property management world is every changing, when Wolfe & Taylor sees a new feature that they would like on the website or in the data base, we are able to quickly add it to their needs and specifications.


    The power of our property management websites is also in harnessing the power of the MLS.  We integrated their website with the Columbia SC MLS through the powerful Brokerlead suite.  This integration and powerful platform allows Wolfe & Taylor to change specify searches that are important for for their business and clients.  Moreover, each listing is programmed to take maximum advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, simply put showing up well on Google when someone “Googles” a key term for your business).  Accordingly, their marketing is powerful and shows well in their Columbia SC area marketplace whether someone is searching for their listing or any other listing in the Columbia SC marketplace.



    Move in Front of Your Competition With One Of Our Property Management Websites


    Today’s property management business is more competitive than ever.  After the 2008-2009 recession, many Real Estate sales firms moved into the property management space.  There are certainly “more” firms; however, there are certainly not “more good” firms.  If you’re a professional property manager, you absolutely know this is true.  Why not take the time to set your business apart with a Property Management Website that says something about your commitment to the business and your level of professionalism?  We can integrate your website and website listings with your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google Plus to ensure your marketing has the ‘most hooks in the water.’


    Contact us today for a free review of your current Property Management Website, and for a proposal on how we can take your business to the next level.


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