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Creating links



Creating links that will connect pages of your website to each other is crucial. By doing that, you’re building a net that is likely to keep the reader on the site longer. Creating links is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn some additional tips.





Links are the thing that makes the website what it is. Without them, the visitor won’t be able to move anywhere from the home page. The basic links can be found in the navigation, but they should also exist in the content, wherever that seems logical.



Links seem more natural when they are incorporated in the text than when you include words like ‘click here’ just so you could link them. Also, ‘click here’ and such phrases don’t provide enough description. There are better ways to do it.



So, for example, avoid this: “Contact us for any questions! Click here.”

Instead, do this: “Contact us for any questions!”



Pay special attention when linking to non-HTML sources. Make sure they open in separate tab so the user won’t have the problem to get back to where he was before he clicked. This refers to any documents and .pdf files you might need to incorporate in the website.



Think about if it makes more sense for the link to open in new tab or in the existing tab. Many times, you will provide additional info through the link, but you will want the reader to come back and read the rest of the content. In such cases the link can automatically be opened in the new tab, thus providing the reader to easily return to the main content later.



So, click here… um, no, contact us for additional help regarding links!


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