One of the most important considerations for your internet marketing should be your domain name.  It is a mission critical part of your marketing.  Choosing the right domain is critical—not only because its the gateway to your domain name but because its the last half of your email address (what’s after the @), its on all your marketing material, and it will be verbally communicated to lead folks to your site (radio ads, phone communication, etc…).  Suffice it to say, it is a very, very, very important decision.  So, we advise to take some time and get some counsel—some of the most rewarding and beneficial work we do to insure clients that their domain name furthers their branding goals.

We routinely help client walk through the mind-field of choosing and deploying a domain.  We often explore questions like:

1)  If you’re a real estate company:  Does the domain fit easily on a yard sign?  Can people read it riding by at 30 mph?

2)  If you have a strange spelling of either your business or name (for Realtors, Lawyers, Doctors, etc…) is both your “desired” name and common misspelling available?  We can purchase both and point to your website (so that DrCooke.com and DrCook.com can be pointed to the same website).

3)  Are there negative websites too closely associated with your name?  Often substantial monies are invested in a domain name only to find that a porn site or other potential embarrassing site share a similar name.

4)  Can a competitor buy a domain similar and ride your coat-tail (or, can we ride on a competitors coat-tail).

In addition to these considerations, we help clients with a myriad of domain questions on using Trademarked names, National Franchises, and Search Engine Marketing.

Choosing a good name can also increase visitors to your store…I saw an increase in sales due to the keyword density … In fact, 66.74% of my traffic comes from search engines….

Contact us today to see how we can help.  Often fees are less than $100 and, if we are able to assist you with other internet marketing services, these fees are completely waived.  But, this is important stuff, get a professional opinion.  You’ll be glad you did!

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